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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides insurance coverage for accidents that occur to the insured person while travelling abroad.

The product may include accident insurance, baggage insurance, technical and legal assistance (assistance), civil liability insurance, property insurance, and other additional risks.

In many countries, the presence of a travel insurance certificate is a mandatory prerequisite for obtaining a permit (visa) to enter the country. In order to visit any Schengen country, a person must have an insurance policy with an insurance amount of at least 30,000 euros. Moreover, the insurance contract must be shown in the visa application package.


Individuals aged 0 to 100 can be insured. The insurance policy can be concluded in two ways:

  • with fixed days,

  • with open dates.

In the case of fixed days, the insurance period coincides with the travel days. Insurance contracts are concluded for a period of not less than 3 days.

If the insured person plans to make many trips during the insurance period, then in this case it is necessary to choose the option of the insurance contract with open dates. In this case, the number of insured days is defined for the entire duration of the contract, after which the contract is terminated, regardless of whether the contract has expired or not.

If the client does not know the exact dates of the trip or plans to make several trips, or get a multi-visa, he can choose one of the following options:

Insurance is provided by choosing a specific country/countries or region. If the client plans to travel to several countries or has not yet decided on a specific country, they can choose the Whole World option at once. Customers are offered the Worldwide option by default

"EFES" offers the following 2 travel insurance plans

Sum insured of the contract or the maximum compensation amount is $ 15,000 – $ 100,000


The insurance premium is paid in lump sum, at the time of signing the contract. Support overseas is provided by Europ Assistance / Generali. 

  • Part of Generali Group, the world's leading insurer

  • Operations in 200 countries

  • 41 service centers worldwide


In the event of an accident  immediately get in touch with Europ Assistance via the following contact details:




+962-77681-1108 (WhatsApp)




  • Identification document of insured person(s)

  • Insured’s contact details​


  • Through the platform,

  • In-Person: Visit our office.

  • Appointment: Call 010 700 800 to schedule a meeting at a location convenient for you.

  • Online: Place an order through our social media platforms.

  • Live Chat: Reach out through our website's chat feature.

  • Email: Send a message to

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