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The EFES Insurance CJSC was founded in July 2023.

One of the motivations of the establishment of the company is the provision of new and higher level of insurance services in the Republic of Armenia and the demonstration/usage of the best international standards and experience.

The founders of the company, based on their extensive years of experience in the Republic of Armenia, initiated the foundation of the insurance company, being sure in the success and development of the long-term activities. The continuous development of the RA economy and the insurance market creates prerequisites for the development of business activities in this area, as well as ensuring future inflow of international capital, which in turn will give a new breath and impetus to the development of the RA insurance market.


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The founders and staff of EFES played a pivotal role in the establishment of the RA insurance market. Over the years, the team has curated and managed the largest and most diverse insurance portfolio in the country.

In response to the evolving challenges within the financial sector, the decision was made to create a new insurance company that views digitization as an opportunity rather than a risk, placing the customer at the core of its operations.

The primary objective of EFES is to cultivate a culture of insurance in Armenia. Experience has shown that in the absence of a mandatory requirement, people tend to underutilize the services offered by insurance companies, often due to a lack of readily accessible information. The bold initiative of EFES is to empower the public with the tools necessary for making astute and well-informed financial decisions.

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