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Motor insurance constitutes a core area of expertise for EFES.

With years of proven success in providing insurance solutions for prominent automotive companies, we offer a range of comprehensive services, including:

  • Full coverage for various types of vehicles,

  • Liability insurance for vehicle owners toward third parties,

  • Driver and passenger accident coverage, encompassing incidents resulting in fatality, as well as temporary or permanent incapacity for work.


  • Attachment of a professional specialist to each client – our corporate customer service specialists are Relationship managers, assigned to individual clients and are their contact person in EFES.

  • We cover any type of vehicle, from cars to trucks and special vehicles.

  • Coverage can be extended to include the countries in which you transport goods (for freight companies).

  • You can insure your car with the relevant customs authorities before registering it.

  • The repair of vehicles under warranty does not mean the termination of the warranty.

  • There are a number of additional services, ranging from free evacuation to legal assistance and advice.

  • Compensation for damages not exceeding AMD 400,000 (four hundred thousand) is carried out through a simplified compensation procedure within 3 (three) business days without the participation of the police.

  • Unlike other insurance companies, compensation for the risk of “theft” is made not after the end of the investigation, but after the initiation of a criminal case.


You can get a quick insurance premium quote by filling out the insurance application-questionnaire and sending it to


To obtain insurance policy You need to fill the motor insurance application form and attach the following information and documents:

  • Copy of certificate of registration of the Insured,

  • TIN,

  • Bank account information,

  • Certificate of registration of the vehicle, or a customs declaration (for imports) or a contract of sale if the person specified in the certificate of registration is not the owner of the vehicle,

  • Passports and driving licenses of the authorized drivers,

  • The power of attorney and the passport of the authorized person if they will sign the contract on behalf of the Insured.

    When applying for the insurance, if possible, arrive in the vehicle, in order for the Company’s expert to conduct an examination of the vehicle.

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