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The customs guarantee product is a quick solution to ensure the entry of cars with foreign license plates into the Republic of Armenia, which frees the client from additional paperwork and customs fees.


According to the EAEU Customs Code, all vehicles registered in non-EAEU (Eurasian Economic Community) countries must obtain an insurance guarantee before entering the EAEU territory, which will provide compensation if the vehicle does not leave the EEC territory within the period specified in the contract. If the vehicle stays longer in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the owner of the vehicle is obliged to pay the customs duty for the importation and customs clearance of the vehicle to the State Revenue Committee. Under the insurance guarantee contract, the specified fees will be paid by the Insurer and not by the owner.

  • Insured should be working individuals.

  • If the Insured is not the owner of the insured vehicle, the contract is considered as null and void.

  • Beneficiary of the contract is the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia.

  • The contract enters into force from the moment of signing and operate for a maximum of 1 year. The insurance premium is calculated based on factors pre-defined by the company.

To learn more about the prices, please contact  + 374 10 700 800.


  • Passport, social card, and contact information of the Insured,

  • Vehicle registration certificate.

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