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Health Insurance


Health insurance stands as a cornerstone of employee motivation and operational efficiency within any organization. Moreover, it serves as a vital buffer against the unpredictable nature of illnesses or injuries, irrespective of factors like age or circumstance.

By providing health insurance, you:

  • Establish a stable and transparent fund for covering medical expenses.

  • Streamline the management of medical expenses, saving valuable resources.

  • Fulfill the social needs of your valued employees.

  • Cultivate a work environment that encourages productivity and keeps employees motivated.

Furthermore, investing in the health and well-being of your workforce fosters a culture of care and loyalty. It demonstrates a commitment to their long-term welfare, which in turn leads to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.


  • Lack of confidence in the quality of medical care, especially in emergency situations,

  • Inability to manage the quality and volume of services needed,

  • The problem of rapid inflation in medical services, which in no way corresponds to income growth,

  • Anxiety caused by the uncertainty of an individual’s future, by providing maximum confidence and the ability to maintain one’s independence and quality of life.


  • Our team has built and serviced the largest portfolio of health insurance in the market.

  • We provide the opportunity to choose from a number of elaborate voluntary health insurance packages in accordance with your needs and the details of the regional medical service market.

  • We have an advanced network of accredited partner medical institutions and physician consultants.

  • We closely cooperate with Vardanants Center for Innovative Medicine.

  • We require minimum number of documents during provision of insurance and reimbursement, all without bureaucratic delays.

  • Compensation request can be submitted in a matter of minutes through online platform.

What is necessary to acquire an insurance policy?

In order to acquire an insurance policy, you only need to fill in a medical insurance application form, attach copies of the insured persons’ passports and send it to EFES ICJSC via an email:


  • Attachment of a professional specialist to each client – our corporate customer service specialists are relationship managers, assigned to individual clients and are their contact person in EFES,

  • Individual approach to each client,

  • Consolidation of main and additional risks and services,

  • Flexible pricing system,

  • Superior and fast service,

  • Simple documentation procedure.

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