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Personal Accidents Insurance

In life, unforeseen events are an ever-present companion, often occurring beyond our control. While we may occasionally avert them, there are times when our best course of action is to minimize their impact.

Insurance serves as a bulwark against the financial strain brought on by life's unfortunate twists. In essence, through insurance, we don't prevent accidents, but rather, we safeguard against the resulting financial shortfall.

Injuries insurance, in particular, provides a vital shield for our well-being and that of our loved ones. It offers protection against life-threatening events, ensuring the health and security of our family members.

By acquiring injuries insurance, the insured person will receive:

  • Compensation for medical expenses incurred in case of body injuries,

  • Financial assistance for the period when the insured person was temporarily unable to continue their work due to the received injuries,

  • Lump sum in case of disability,

  • Some financial support to the family in case of sudden death due to an accident.


Individuals aged 0-75 can be insured. The contract enters into force on the 2nd day after its signing and is valid for a period of 1 year.


• Medical expenses caused by an accident,

• Temporary disability due to an accident,

• Limitation of functionality due to an accident (critical, severe, moderate),

• Death due to an accident.

Insurance coverage is WORLDWIDE.

The total insurance amount / compensation limit is 3,000,000 AMD.Compensation limits according to individual risks are:


INDIVIDUAL - For 1 insured person
FAMILY - For 2 and more insured people. With this insurance package it is also possible to insure family members. The following are considered family members: wife, husband, children, parents, sisters, brothers who run a common household together with the main insured person.
EXTREME - Accidents resulting from engaging in dangerous hobbies and amateur sports are compensable.
MEDICAL EXAMINATION - only applicable in conjunction with any of the above Packages. The package allows to undergo a medical examination once a year in Vardanants CIM, including:


  • General practitioner (pediatrician),

  • Gynecologist / urologist.

Laboratory tests:

  • ​General blood test with leukocyte formula,

  • General urine test,

  • Blood glucose test,

  • Lipid panel (cholesterol) test,

  • PAP smear test (for women),

  • PSA test (for 45+ men)

Instrumental examinations:

  • Electrocardiography,

  • Ultrasound of abdominal and pelvic organs.


  • In case of an accident immediately contact EFES by calling 010 700 800,

  • Follow Insurer's instructions. According to the instructions, there may be a need to involve police or MES employees.

To receive insurance compensation

At Partner Medical Center
1) Choose the medical center
2) Contact EFES
3) Attend the medical center
4) EFES reimburses the medical center

At Another Medical Center
1) Choose the medical center
2) Attend and make the payment
3) Send payment receipts to EFES
4) EFES reimburses You

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